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Ashley Dallas Steel 56502 Product Review

If you’re on the market for a new sofa, Ashley Furniture’s Dallas – Steel 56502 sofa is one of the best buys out there today. It provides a great mix of style, comfort and durability without sacrificing any of these elements, and all while providing a higher quality sofa than you would get at many stores for the same price.Like many Ashley Furniture buys, the Dallas Steel 56502 sofa reflects the understated style popular in these tough economic times. Outlandish and gaudy is out, and quiet and sturdy is in. The Dallas Steel 56502 has classic, strong lines and at the same time resembles all of the comfortable sofas we’ve had in our homes throughout the years. The best part is that it looks great in homes with more traditional furnishings as well as more modern ones. It becomes a treasured part of one’s home without calling attention to itself-unlike the floral print couches we all had at one point. The color is great too, as it can match a variety of living room furniture, especially considering its dark hardwood frame. You can’t get a whole new set of living room items just because you get a new couch, and the Dallas Steel is completely practical for already integrating into any kind of existing living room furnishings.The 56502 is also very comfortable. The filling is polyester, like in many other high quality sofas, meaning that the couch cushions will stay plump and fluffy for quite a long time. It provides enough space for three people to sit comfortably, and overnight guests can easily sleep on the couch if needed – no complaints there! You can sit on the couch without sinking into it, and yet it still provides enough support to your body to sit without getting a backache while you play cards at the coffee table, for example. This is the kind of couch it’s easy to spend hours and hours on.Also, this sofa, like many Ashley Furniture items, can be expected to last for a long time. The frame is sturdy hardwood, not plywood, and the upholstery and polyester cushions can be cleaned very easily. While you should take the precautions you would take with any new piece of furniture, there is no need to go out of your way to protect it in terms of protecting it from stains or treating the frame or cushions especially gingerly. This is a great buy from Ashley Furniture any customer would be happy with!